Visual Designer




This project, features three personal Manifestos regarding design, represented in separate parts. (Click images to see more on each) 

Help Design Become More Widely Understood.

This mini coffee table book provides the reader, with important information about what design is, along with some mild humor for a more upbeat feel. I believe my work should help people gain a better understanding of what design is.


Make an Impact.

These hand-lettered thank you cards were given to each student and professor in my class. Each was made with the hopes of not only making a lasting impact on them, but also to share how they have made an impact on me. Small or large, I want my designs to leave an impression on people and the world.


Make the World a Happier Place.

Spreading positivity around campus, by creating a series of stickers, I hoped to encourage people to stay positive, and brighten one another's days. I hope that my designs always make people happy in some way or another.