Visual Designer

Space Race Exhibit


This timeline of the USA and USSR Space Race, designed as an exhibit wall for a museum such as the National Air and Space Museum, is intended for a more dimly-lit room, in order to place the viewer in a more “space-like” atmosphere. It features a comparative timeline, separating the events of the USSR from those of the USA for a more easily understandable layout. Each event is placed after its corresponding year, with a label of its date, an icon, and brief explanation of the event. Bright colors are placed against a dark wall, to mimic space and galaxies while also adding bright color to an otherwise plain display. When placed on a wall, icons are roughly hand-sized, and text is large, so it can be easily read from a distance, and allow for simultaneous viewing. It was inspired by clean, flat, and simple design, as well as sleek, dark-themed UX/UI designs, to give it a modern and futuristic appearance.